The Story of


&connect started with people who are making things.

We have know-how for manufacturing metal, leather, glass, etc.

From planning and development by professional creators to delivering to customers

I am involved in everything and continue to create things that I can only encounter here.

The background of &connect is Taito-ku, which has been involved in metal products processing and manufacturing for 50 years.

With the know-how cultivated up to now and the leather craftsmen, glass craftsmen, etc.

Planning, development, manufacturing, and selling through stores, the essence and commitment of making things

We believe that we can directly communicate with our customers.

Planning, development, manufacturers sell directly, and customer service without compromise,

We will become a store that can capture the needs of our customers.

Of course, the staff at the store are also professionals in manufacturing, so

Please feel free to drop in and ask.

We look forward to your visit.